7 Reasons Why Sex, Dating and the Job-Search are Similar

Scoring your dream job is a lot like sex and dating.  And you’ve been thinking about them your whole life, right?  See, you’re more of a job-search expert than you thought! 

To further boost your confidence, I’ve listed 7 similarities between the job-search and sex and dating.

  1. Your friends can set you up (networking)
  2. You seek out your match online
  3. You break the ice with a resume, cover letter, and 3 letters of recommendation (builds trust)
  4. You get dressed up (think classy like Gossip Girl and Mad Men)
  5. You share your best stories (professional and educational successes)
  6. You show interest and ask good questions (you want to know more about them!)
  7. You round the “Bases of the Interview” and score your dream job

Knowledge creates confidence.  Confidence is sexy.  Being (professionally) sexy gets you hired.

-Dominic Bokich, author of Sex and Your Job Search