Success Story: Kevin Doubles His Salary in Detroit. From Chapter 1 of Sex and Your Job Search.

The Recession has devastated Detroit. The auto industry has laid off thousands of workers. Houses have sold for twenty-five dollars, while others have been bulldozed.

A friend of mine from college, who we’ll call Kevin, worked for an auto manufacturer in Detroit. His life was tumultuous. The value of his house fell to half of what he paid for it and his wife had just been laid off.

Kevin was in his early thirties and had spent the past ten years attempting to move up the corporate ladder. He had made a solid effort meeting people in the auto industry and had been reasonably successful in his field of marketing. A job well done for someone who started college as an introvert.

One night he was sitting in a hotel lobby at an industry event when, in a scene befitting a mob movie, two people sat down next to him on the couch. The individuals worked for one of the largest auto manufacturers. They mentioned a job opening, just to gauge his interest. They reinforced that nothing was guaranteed, but they had heard of him and were curious whether he was interested.

Kevin and I talked regularly during the next three weeks. We went over his resume and the examples he would tell about his past successes, similar to how you and I will do in later chapters.

His interviews included several rounds and took two full days. At one point, he was taken to the top floor of the company, where marble floors, ornately designed rooms, and the odor of cigarette smoke still lingered from the 1960s in a Mad Men-esque way.

After the interviews, we strategized about responding to an offer should it come. When it did, it was higher than Kevin had hoped. “I didn’t even have to negotiate-the pay was more than I ever imagined!” he told me. The salary offer was almost double what he was making-well past the six- figure mark with stock options and a company car. Soon after, with the help of Kevin’s experience, his wife also found a full-time job.

If Kevin and his wife can find their dream jobs in this economy by using the techniques in this book, you can do the same.